Why Choose Us to Install Your New Roof?

Are you considering a new roof? Although roof repairs are advised, there are times when it is more cost effective to re-roof your property. If you find yourself repairing your roof on a regular basis, it is time to call a new roof specialist.

Roof Slate Options

There are various types and styles of roof slates or roof tiles to choose from, including:


Marley Installers

Fort Roofing Scotland is an accredited Marley installer. This means that we have the knowledge and skill to install your new roof effectively and efficiently using premium Marley roofing materials. Marley is at the forefront of the roofing industry in the UK and has over 100 years of roofing heritage. Marley products are used nationwide and come with an unrivalled 15-year guarantee, meaning you can rest assured that your new roof will remain in tip-top condition for many years to come.

New Roof Specialists

As an expert roofing company, Fort Roofing Scotland promises an impressive and high-quality service every single time. Our entire team has been through exceptional training and has plenty of real-life experience. All of our roofers will get the job done to impeccable standards and within impressive timescales. Get in touch with us by completing our contact form.


Why Choose Fort Roofing Scotland?

We have been specialising in new roof installation for many years and take pride in delivering a premium service that is affordable. Roof repairs can be costly, and getting your entire property re-roofed is an investment. At Fort Roofing Scotland, we offer 0% deposits and flexible payment plans to allow everyone the chance to maintain a strong roof over their heads. We won’t ask you to hand over any money up front, we will provide you with our top quality services first.

Slate and Tile Roofing

You might be thinking that everyone has a slate roof, why would I want one too? Well, there’s a good reason you see so many slate roofs all over Scotland. With over 40,000 types of natural slate available on the market, slate roofs have always been known for their long term durability, as well as their versatility and style.

How Long Will a Slate Roof Last?

With a little maintenance, a slate roof can last you a lifetime, its longevity makes it an incredibly cost-effective option, but it’s not just the practical one, aesthetically you can’t go wrong with slate. Our team of expert tradesmen have experience designing and constructing new slate roofs all over Glasgow and Scotland.

Choosing a New Roof

Instead of worrying about your roof every time there is bad weather and paying for roof repairs year after year, why not choose to have a new roof installed by a professional roofer? We have the expertise to re-roof your entire property using roof tiles or slates.

Re-Roofing Process

When our team re-roofs your property, we will first strip the existing roof, then fit new breathable membrane, timber battens and counter-battens with lead work, gutters and associated work. Finally, we will fit your new roof tiles or slates. Phone us now on 0141 431 5314.





We can supply and fit a large range of roof tiles in all styles, colours and sizes.

clay roof tiles
modern roof tiles
grey roof tiles
clay roof tiles
tiles tiles tiles
A Roofing Installation You Can Depend On

Our Team of fully qualified tradesmen have years of experience and knowledge in the roofing industry, whether its new roofs or re-roofing, why not depend on a team you can trust.


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